For the Kid in You: 8 Purses That Look Like Grown-Up Lunchboxes

For the Kid in You: 8 Purses That Look Like Grown-Up Lunchboxes

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When it comes to shopping during back-to-school season for the graduated bunch, fall fashion takes priority, with office supplies, backpacks, and lunchboxes coming in last. But even though it’s been years since we’ve sat in a classroom, there’s still something so endearing about back-to-school pieces, especially those traditional cartoon-splashed lunchboxes from childhoods past. We took inspiration and rounded up grown-up versions that play on the rectangular boxed structure and the sweet top-handle characteristic.

Shop these eight sleek boxed clutches (to hold your day-to-day essentials, not lunch), because what’s so chic about brown-bagging it?

Shop the pieces: 1. Sophie Hulme, $595; 2. Mark Cross, $2,195; 3. Viktor & Rolf, $1,320; 4. Asos, $51; 5. Dolce & Gabbana, $4,495; 6. Alexander McQueen, $1,345; 7. MCM, $1,295; 8. River Island, $55;

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