15 Menswear Accessories You Won’t Want to Share

15 Menswear Accessories You Won’t Want to Share

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While menswear for women is a consistently winning mix, menswear on women has a far less reliable track record. Consider the last time you quite literally “borrowed from the boys:” Did that boxy sports coat magically fit like an oversized blazer? Could you really belt a giant oxford like a tunic dress? Did you make any sense of an inseam that ran 6 inches too long?

If you’re still vehemently shaking your head no, no, and oh heck no, we’ve got a less hazardous way to shop the guy’s section (or, you know, the closet of a particularly stylish male friend): stick to accessories. Free of fit issues but brimming with effortless tomboy edge, any adornment originally meant for a dude delivers the laid-back attitude you crave without any potential fashion disasters. Here, Fashionfiler’s accessories director Sam Broekema (who’s all too familiar with fashion girls raiding his wardrobe) shares 15 perfect add-ons from his side of the store worth picking up for yourself. 

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